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Stylin Shane Eden - How's it going bud. Kicking back relaxing.

christopher bennett, we want you come back to southern championship wrestling pretty soon

Hi Hammer Jack im a huge fan my name is Kristie Scott from Mt.Pleasant Tennessee and im your number one fan your are so awesome and i love to watch you wrestle.

Hey Stranger.... Long time no see. How ya been? its getting close to haunted house time
again. For some reason that always makes me think of you charles and Petersburg...LOL.
Miss ya bunches Take care. Your blow pop sucker buddy Cindy LOL LOL LOL

Nice site here Mr. Jack.  See you soon.
Take Care,
Big Bubba Perry

Great Show in Algood, Tenn....Glad I could be a part of are one cool cookie in and out of the ring!! Keep up the good work...Amanda from Cookeville!!!

my name is big dog i know you tony and terry chase stevens i see you in dickson sometimes kenneth your a cool person see ya soon the dog

S.A.W. Billy

David Petrey

Just wanted to say that when I came to see ya last year at Lebanon fair grounds it was one of my happiest days. The other two was finding my lost love and giving birth to my boy. Krista Wigley

Hi, I'm Bill from Chesapeake and I'm just disgusted with the way you went out of control in your rematch with the "Maniac" hitting officials and all. I'm warning you, if you ever come to my town I'll give you a taste of your own medicine!!

Finally made it to this site...and it was worth the wait! Cant wait for you to take Mark Anthony out for good!!! -JRF

wow Hammerjack, cool site -- Michele

You go Hammer!! Don't let that fool Marc Anthony try to push you around!! Barbara H - (u know who)

Love you Hammerjack!! you rock!! Sandie

Jay Jerrolds

hello wife and I see you on Sat. nite in Lebanon. She is the one that always bugs you about getting pictures made. We bought some last sat.night. I am the big guy thst sits on the front row.We are the ones with cow bells,etc. Our names are Dallas & Debi Haralson. See you soon!

Great site Hammer. See you Friday. Jonathan Barrow

Love you new site HammerJack. We're getting the gang together and we'll see you Friday night!

Kick Ass Website Hammerjack See You Friday. Wayne Jr

All I know is that Marc Anthony truly is a "Maniac" if he get's back in the ring with HammerJack!!! HammerJack is in the right, and justice will prevail!!! The website is intense....WOW!!

Its your bud Justin. Nice job on the site thus far I can't wait till itz finished. See ya next time at S.A.W.

When i get my hands on you hammer u will be pinned one two three im calling you out signed THE LUSCIOUS ONE DAVID MATTHEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Hammerjack. It's me, Joe. Will definitely be by to see you on Feb. 13!! Looking forward to it.

Hey HAMMERJACK! LOVE YOU NEW SITE! The videos are KILLER! Wow! From Your Biggest FANS! J & C

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