Raging HammerJack - Don't Turn Your Back!

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HammerJack's Injuries


"Ravings of a Lunatic"


The Ballad of The "Maniac" & HammerJack!


The Rules are...... THERE ARE NO RULES!!  


Tennessee Street Fight.......March 13th !

HammerJack vs. Maniac Marc Anthony !


Don't Turn Your Back........on HammerJack ! !

The HammerJack vs. Maniac Mark Anthony Saga continues....


The Ballad of The "Maniac" & HammerJack!


HammerJack gives his fans !


The Grudge Match Highlight Reel - HammerJack vs. Marc Anthony !


S.A.W. Episode 121 - HammerJack Highlights


Below is the television intro for Showtime All Star Wrestling -- featuring our own HammerJack!  


HammerJack's Confrontation with Paul Adams



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